Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Grandview and Guana Cay

·         What airport should we fly into?

·         To get to Grandview on Guana Cay, you need to fly into Marsh Harbor Airport (MYAM) a taxi will take you to the ferry that runs 5 times a day to Guana Cay


·         How do we get to Guana Cay from Marsh Harbor?

o   Take a taxi from the airport to the ferry dock that goes to Guana Cay.  This ferry stops at Scotland Cay and then goes to Guana.  The ferry ride takes 30 minutes.  The ferry leaves Marsh Harbor at 7:15 am, 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, & 5:45 pm.  If for any reason you miss one of these ferries, you can charter a ferry for about $165 by calling the Albury’s Ferry office at 242-367-0290 or their cell after hours at 242-359-6861. 


·         What taxi should we use?

o   You may use any taxi, but we like using Knowles Taxi.  If you need to stop and shop for groceries or something on the way to the dock the taxi driver will be glad to wait on you while you do your shopping.  They do charge for waiting.


·         How do we get to the house on Guana Cay?

o   My caretakers are Troy and Maria Albury.  They will meet you at the ferry dock when it arrives on Guana Cay and then take you to the house.  They will be glad to answer any questions you may have about Guana or Grandview. 

o   If for any reason they are  not at the dock, you just need to ask one of the locals for Troy or Maria. 

·         Directions to the house from the Public Dock (Ferry Dock) are as follows:  Walk directly away from the dock and put the Bakery (Blue building with steps to the dock) on your right.  Walk to the dead end which is about 400 yards. (Grabber’s parking lot will be on your left).  Turn to the right and walk to the stop sign (200 yards) continue to walk straight to the end of the road and the house is on your left at the end of the pavement (200 yards).   Troy and Maria usually leave the house unlocked the day you will be arriving so if you miss her at the dock.  If for some reason you do not meet Troy or Maria, walk to the house and make yourself at home.  They will by the house within a couple of hours.


·         How do we find Troy and Maria?

o   If you are arriving by ferry, they will be at the ferry dock when you arrive.  You need to let me know when your plane is scheduled to arrive in Marsh Harbour so I can give Troy and Maria an idea of when to expect you.

o   You may call Dive Guana on the VHF on Channel 16.  Troy and Maria own Dive Guana.

o   You may ask any local on the island for Frances and they will be glad to help you find her.


·         Does Grandview have a Generator?

o   Grandview has a Generator.  Troy or Maria will be glad to show you how to turn on the generator so you can turn it on when power goes out.  Let Troy or Maria know you would like them to show you how to turn the generator on.   They will be glad to turn it on for you if the power stays out for more than 4 or 5 hours during the day.  However, I do not ask them to run and turn it on every time the power goes out for 30 minutes.  However, it is very easy and if you don’t mind learning you can turn it on if the power goes off for a short period of time.  You will need to turn it off when the power comes back on.  The only way to know when the power comes back on is to look at the neighbors houses and listen for other generators.


·         Do you have internet or a phone line?

·         Yes we have a hard line phone.  The number to “Grandview” is


o   We also have internet.  You will need to take your own computer.  You may plug into a data port or use the wireless internet.  We have data ports in several locations in the house.  They are located on the same jacks as the phone jacks.

o   When you go onto the internet you will be asked for a user name and password.  The user name is and the password it “havingfun”


·         Is there a Grocery store on the island?

o   Yes!  We have a Grocery store, but I would do most of your shopping on Marsh Harbor before you get on the ferry.  The grocery stores in Marsh Harbor are about the same as the grocery stores in the states.  The Grocery store on Guana is much like a corner store in the states.  They may have bread and they may not. 


·         How many Restaurants are on the island?

o   There are 5 restaurants on Guana Cay.  Orchid Bay is an inside restaurant overlooking the Sea of Abaco and the marina.  Baker’s Bay is the most upscale restaurant and they also have a bar/ restaurant on the dock called the Conch Shack.  Both are very nice.    Grabber’s has wonderful food and drinks and is outside dinning.  Grabber’s is located on the North side of Settlement harbor on Sunset beach.  The Sunset does not get any better than at Grabber’s.   Pirate’s Cove is another great restaurant/bar located right on  Settlement Harbour.  This is the run by Jerry and Corrine and many of the locals and tourist enjoy gathering at Pirate’s cove.  Nipper’s is located on the ocean side back of Sea Shore Villas.   Nipper’s is the most famous bar and grill in the Bahamas.  It has good food and Great drinks.  The Beach in Front of Nipper’s is the best of the best.  Nipper’s also has a pig roast on Sunday afternoon that starts at 11:00 and goes until everyone drops.  If you like a beach bar, you do not want to miss Nipper’s.


·         Can we Go Scuba Diving?

o   Yes!  Dive Guana is located on Fisher’s Bay.  Troy and Maria (My Caretaker’s) are the owner’s and it is a full service dive shop.  They will be glad to take you Skin Diving or Scuba Diving.  They are wonderful and will really make you feel comfortable on the boat and the during dive trip.  He is one of the best dive masters I have ever been diving with.  He will give you a diving tour under water.  He also has boats to rent if you would like to go on your own.  Troy will be glad to give you an introduction coarse to Scuba Diving that last about 3 hours and then he takes you to the reef and dives with you for about an hour.  If you have ever thought you would like to take a Scuba diving coarse this is a wonderful way to test the waters.  It just doesn’t get any better.

o   You may also go diving off the shore right in front of the house.  The third largest reef in the world is located just off the beach on the ocean in front of our house.  We have skin diving equipment at the house for your use.  We only ask that you wash it off and if for some reason something gets broken or lost you let us know and offer to pay for it.


·         Where is the best place to go fishing?

o   The fishing is Great all around Guana.  Henry Sands is the best fisherman on the island.  He will be glad to take you out fishing if you would like.  He charges about $600 for ½ day fishing on his boat.  He can take up to about 6 people and you get to keep the fish you catch.   Henry will usually catch Wahoo, Dolphin, or Tuna.   

o   Ricky is also a very good fisherman and will take you fishing also.  He can be contacted at Grabber’s.  He is the bar tender.

o   If you just want to catch small yellow tails and grunts, you can fish off several docks and catch 30 or 50 per hour on squid and a lead sinker.


·         Should we rent a Golf Cart?

o   You do not have to have a Golf cart when you stay at our house.  We are located close enough to the settlement you can walk to most places.

·         It is nice to have a Golf cart at least for part of the trip so you can explore the island.  The island is about 7 miles long and it has many beautiful spots you will miss if you do not have access to a golf cart. 

·         We do have 2 Bikes that our guest may use.  This is a nice way to see the island.

o   We have golf carts located under the house, but they are not to be used by guest.


·         Do you have a dock for our boat?

o   We do have a dock, but it is not located right next to the house. You my use a slip were my boat is located, but it is not protected if the wind is from the North West.  You may also use the public dock in the settlement. The public dock is well protected from the weather and you just need to throw out a stern anchor.

o   I can make arrangements for a slip if you would like. 


·         How far is the Grandview from the Beach?

o   The best beach on Guana is located 50 yards directly in front of Grandview and to the South toward Nipper’s.  

o   Getting to the beach anywhere on Guana Cay is not a problem.  Access points to the beach are located about every 400 yards and I don’t know of anyone that has ever had a problem getting to the beach.


·         Do you have a washer and Dryer?

o   We do have a full size washer and dryer that we let our guest use for free.  We do ask you have a full load when you start a load to conserve water.


·         Do you have TV?

o   We have two 42 inch flat screen TV’s.  We also have DVD player hooked up to the TV’s so feel free to bring some movies.

o   We also have dish network hooked up to two of the TV’s.

o   The TV located in the bunk room has a DVD player connected to it, but we do not the dish network connected to this TV.


·         Do you have Board Games?

o   We have cards and Uno. 


·         How much does Food Cost?

o   Food in the restaurants can get a little pricey.  A lunch sandwich will run about $13.    Dinner will run about $20 to $30 per entree.  Mixed Drinks will run about $7 each.


·         How much is the Ferry Ride?

o   The Ferry Ride is $16 each way if you pay by the ride.

o   You may want to buy a card for 10 rides for $100.  The Captain can punch each card twice during a ride, so you may need to buy 2 cards if you have 4 people.  I will be glad to purchase these cards from you when you return at $10 for each punch that is left on the card.  Some of the captains will punch the card 3 or 4 times if you ask nicely.


·         How much does water cost?

o   Water cost me $.28 per gallon, if I have to purchase water.  So I ask everyone to be conservative with the water and try to conserve where ever possible. 

o   Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. 

o   When washing clothes have a full load.

o   Load the dishwasher completely before starting the washer.

o   Don’t flush the commode if you only do #1.

·         Turn the shower off when you lather up with soap.

·         I do have an RO System, so it normally only cost me about 8 cent per gallon for water.


·         How much does Gas cost?

·         Gas cost about $5.00 per gallon.

·         I try to keep the gas cans for the generator full.  You should make sure they are full.  The generator will run about 5 hours on a full tank of fuel.  If power goes out after 6 or 7 o’clock, it could be off all night.



·         What should we wear?

o   Bathing suits and shorts are great. 

o   A wind breaker is nice at nights if it happens to be cool.

o   I would take a nice shirt to go to Baker’s Bay.

o   Some of the ladies like to wear a sun dress to go to Baker’s Bay.  


·         Is there shopping on the island?

·         There is very little shopping on the island. 



·         How is the Crime?

o   We have not seen or heard of any crime on the island since we bought our lot.  We do not even lock our house when we are on the island except at night.  I am not suggesting not locking the house.  I am telling you that just to let you know how comfortable we are about the crime on the island.


·         Do we have to arrive on a Saturday?

o   No you do not have to arrive on a Saturday.  I have a much different attitude about this than other renters on the island.  I believe this is your vacation and I want to be as accommodating as possible.  I will work around your arrival and departure dates.  We really want you to stay in our house and want to let you know we appreciate you staying with us at “Grandview”


·         How many will “Grandview” Sleep?

o   We can Sleep 9 comfortably in beds and 2 more on a blow up mattress and another on a pull out sofa.

o   We have a King bed in the master bedroom, a Queen in the upstairs bedroom overlooking the ocean, and a Queen and 3 twins in the upstairs bedroom overlooking the Sea of Abaco.  The Sea Room has 2 sets of bunk beds, one of which has a Queen on the bottom bunk.


·         What is happening on the North end of Guana Cay?

o   Discovery Land Company is developing 550 acres on the North end of Guana.  They are building a 180 slip marina and a Tom Fazio Golf Course.  This is a very upscale development.   ½ acre lots are selling from between 3 million and 13 million dollars.

·         Some residences are against this development because they feel the runoff from the golf course will kill the reef that is located just off shore. 

·         The Golf course has been planted and the Restaurant and Conch Shack are open at this time.


·         How should we leave the house?

o   We would like for you to strip the beds that you use and put the sheet and towels in front of the washer and dryer.

o   We would also like for you to leave the kitchen in an orderly fashion.  We expect you to leave the morning dishes dirty, but we do not want you to leave a whole week worth of dirty dishes.

o   We would like for you to remove the trash from the house and place it in the trash can to the left of the house as you face the ocean.


·         How do we get back to the ferry when we leave?

o   Troy or Maria will be glad to assist you back to the ferry when you depart.  Please let her know what ferry you will be leaving on so she can plan on meeting you for your departure.  Please realize that she may have others leaving on the same ferry and she may be in hurry when she comes to get you, so please be ready when she arrives.


·         Is there an emergency contact number we can give our family?

o   Yes!  You may give them my contact information.  Cell 229-322-8770 & you may give them Dive Guana’s phone number  242-365-5178 or the phone number to “Grandview” is 242-365-5029.  We have an answering machine at “Grandview”.  Please let them know that you will be on an island and it is hard to get messages to you.  They should not have Troy or Maria run you down unless it is very important.  They should not call to report someone needed 2 stitches, or Sally won a baseball game.  If your family thinks you might need to leave your vacation, is what I would consider an emergency.  (Some have tried to use this as a secretarial service, and it should not be used in that way.)


·         Will businesses take US Dollars?

o   Everyone takes US Dollars and most will take a Master card or Visa.  Most of the places do not take American express.   I like to have cash with me at all time just in case the credit card machine is down.

·         How well is the kitchen stocked?

o   The kitchen is well stocked with dishes, pots and pans ect.  We have a blender, coffee maker, dish washer, microwave, and an electric can opener.  We also have a gas grill outside.  We leave a good many spices, salt, pepper, oil, and some other items in the panty for you to use if you forget something.  We just ask if you use much put something back at the end of your trip.


·         Do you have cable TV?

o   Cable TV is not provided on the island, but we do have dish network.   We have a TV in the Family room and one in the Master bedroom.  We have a DVD player on both TV’s and Dish network on the TV in the Family room.


·         Do you have a stereo system?

o   Yes!  We have a stereo system that plays through out the house.  We have volume controls for the front porch, family room, game room, dinning room, and 2 on the top deck. 

o   You may want to bring an IPOD or some CD’s to play.  The reception of the radio stations is fair at best.


·         What is the pig roast I keep hearing about?

o   It is a large party at Nipper’s on Sunday afternoon.  It starts about 11:30 and goes until about 4:00pm or when everyone drops. 

o   I would say this is the only time I would not plan on taking my young children to Nipper’s.  Other times Nipper’s is kid friendly.


·         Can we rent a boat on the island?

o   Yes!  Troy at Dive Guana will be glad to rent you a boat by the day or by the week.


·         Is there a hardware store on the island?

o   Yes!  The hardware store consists of 2 semi trailers.  It is located where you turn left to go to Dive Guana.  Jamie and his father run the hardware store and will be glad to help you if you need something.


·         How old do you have to be to drive a golf cart?

o   The legal age to drive a golf cart is 18 in the Bahamas and you drive on the left side of the road.


·         What other islands should we explore if we want to go to another island?

o   I would suggest Hopetown.  Hopetown is a great day trip.  You can stop at Fowl Cay and Snorkel and have lunch in Hopetown.

o   Treasure Cay is close and has a beautiful beach.

o   If weather permits Green Turtle is nice to explore and you can even do a little shopping in some neat stores.


·         Why did we choose Guana Cay instead of another island?

·         Lori and I looked at many of the islands in the Bahamas before making our decision.  Guana just has a much more relaxed atmosphere than many of the islands.  You can relax as much as you would like.  We also liked having the option to go out to dinner and meet others if we would like.  Not having to have a car was one of the things we liked about Guana Also.   We felt like we would have to have a car at many of the islands we visited and we like traveling in a golf cart while on the island.  Having the 3rd largest reef and a beautiful beach in front of our house made it the perfect location to just get away from it all.  Last be not least is the people.  There are only about 100 people that live on Guana Cay, and they are wonderful!


·         What Airlines go into Marsh Harbor?


o   Abaco Air (MHH & TCB)
-From Abaco and Nassau
-Special Charters at any time
–(242) 367-2266 or

Air Florida (MHH & TCB)
-(800) 433-7300 or (954) 349-5900
-from Ft.Lauderdale (FLL)
-Charters up to 9 people

American Eagle (MHH)
-from Miami
-(800) 433-7300

Bahamas Air (MHH & TCB)
-from Nassau & West Palm Beach
-(800) 222-4262

Cherokee Air (MHH & TCB)
-from West Palm Beach Executive Terminal
-Call for special flight offered
-Special Charters
-(242) 367-2089

Continental Connections / Gulf Stream Air (MHH & TCB)
-from Ft.Lauderdale and West Palm Beach
-(800) 231-0856

Islands Express Airlines - (MHH & TCB)
-from Ft.Lauderdale
-(954) 359-0380

Yellow Air Taxi (MHH & TCB)
-From Ft. Lauderdale
-Scheduled flights and Private Charters from your departing airport.