Weather and Charts

Typical Weather Conditions
Month Average High Temp Average Low Temp Water Temp Rainfall
January 77°F 66°F 70°F 2"
February 77°F 65°F 71°F 1.6"
March 78°F 67°F 74°F 1.4"
April  81°F 69°F 76°F 1.6"
May 82°F 70°F 79°F  4.3"
June 82°F  70°F 80°F 4.3"
July 87°F  75°F 85°F 3.8"
August 88°F  76°F 86°F 4.4"
September 88°F  75°F 85°F 6.2"
October 84°F  74°F 82°F 7.4"
November 81°F  71°F 79°F 2.6"
December 79°F  67°F 74°F 2.2"
Current temperature on Guana Cay:
You need to arrive in the Bahamas at least 24 hours prior to the ceremony. Bring birth certificates and photo IDs, and if you have been divorced also bring your final divorce decree (original or certified with raised seal). U.S. residents only are required to make a sworn declaration either at the U.S. Embassy in Nassau/Paradise Island (a $50 fee) or at the office of a Bahamian Notary Public (a $15 fee) if they have never been married. Other nationals (both parties) are required to bring sworn affidavits in English stating that the parties concerned were never married. No blood tests required. For more information, contact the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism's People-to-People/Weddings Department at 242-356-0435-8 or call the Registrar General's office at 242-322-3316.
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